Whispering Mist


  • 100ml

Introducing our newest fragrance sensation: Whispering Mist! Eau De Parfum, Embrace the enchanting whispers of elegance and allure with every spritz. Get ready to elevate your scent game to a whole new level of sophistication.


LAVENDER: Known for its calming and aromatic qualities, lavender provides a fresh, herbaceous, and slightly floral opening. It introduces a soothing and clean fragrance profile.

POMEGRANATE: Adds a juicy, sweet-tart fruitiness with a touch of exoticism. This note brings a rich, vibrant depth that balances the freshness of lavender.

YLANG-YLANG: Offers a sweet, slightly fruity floral aroma with hints of spice. Ylang-ylang contributes an exotic and rich floral note, enhancing the complexity of the top notes.


BLACK ORCHID: Known for its luxurious and deep floral scent, black orchid adds a mysterious and sensual quality to the heart. It provides a rich and sophisticated floral layer.

LOTUS: Brings an aquatic and lightly floral scent, adding a serene and delicate nuance. Lotus contributes to the fragrance’s elegance and tranquility.

VIOLET: Offers a sweet, powdery, and slightly woody floral aroma. Violet enhances the floral bouquet with its delicate and romantic character.

WHITE FLOWER: Represents a blend of various white florals, adding a clean, fresh, and pure floral note. It brings a bright and uplifting quality to the heart of the fragrance.


POWDERY NOTES: Provide a soft, comforting, and slightly sweet foundation. These notes add a gentle and elegant finish to the fragrance.

MUSK AMBER: Combines the soft, sensual, and slightly powdery nature of musk with the rich, sweet, and resinous qualities of amber. This blend adds warmth, depth, and longevity to the base.

BLACK VIOLET: Introduces a darker, more intense floral note with a hint of earthiness. Black violet enhances the complexity and sophistication of the base, creating a memorable and unique finish.

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