Taruni Tarang


  • 100ml

Turn up the heat with Taruni Tarang Eau De Parfume, Perfect for making a lasting impression at social gatherings.


LAVENDER: Known for its calming and aromatic properties, lavender provides a fresh, herbaceous, and slightly floral opening. It brings a soothing and clean quality to the fragrance.

PINK PEPPER: Adds a bright, spicy, and slightly rosy kick. Pink pepper offers a vibrant and invigorating touch, enhancing the fragrance's freshness.

BLACK CURRANT: Offers a rich, fruity, and slightly tart aroma. Black currant adds depth and a hint of berry sweetness, balancing the spiciness of pink pepper.

APPLE: Provides a crisp, juicy, and sweet note. Apple introduces a refreshing and playful fruitiness to the top notes, making the opening lively and engaging.


LILY OF THE VALLEY: Known for its delicate, green, and slightly sweet floral scent. Lily of the valley adds a fresh, clean, and elegant floral touch to the heart of the fragrance.

ROSE: Offers a classic, rich, and romantic floral aroma. Rose brings depth, sophistication, and a timeless floral beauty to the heart notes.

LOTUS: Adds an aquatic and lightly floral scent. Lotus contributes a serene and airy quality, enhancing the fragrance's elegance.

AMBRETTE (MUSK MALLOW): Provides a sweet, musky, and slightly nutty aroma. Ambrette adds warmth and a subtle sensuality to the heart, creating a rich and inviting middle.


VETIVER: Known for its earthy, woody, and slightly smoky scent. Vetiver adds a grounding, sophisticated, and masculine touch to the base notes.

AMBER: Offers a rich, sweet, and resinous aroma. Amber adds warmth, depth, and opulence, creating a luxurious and lasting finish.

VANILLA: Provides a sweet, creamy, and comforting scent. Vanilla adds a soft, warm, and inviting touch, balancing the deeper notes in the base.

TUBEROSE: Adds a rich, creamy, and intensely floral note. Tuberose enhances the base with its lush, opulent, and slightly exotic floral quality

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