• 100ml

Elevate your senses with a captivating blend of Indeera Eau De Parfume, an alluring essence designed for evening affairs or romantic rendezvous.


BERGAMOT: Known for its bright, citrusy, and slightly floral aroma, bergamot introduces a refreshing and uplifting quality to the fragrance. It adds a vibrant and zesty opening.

WATER NOTES: Provide an aquatic, fresh, and clean scent. These notes evoke a sense of coolness and purity, enhancing the fragrance's refreshing nature.

GRAPEFRUIT: Offers a tangy, bitter-sweet citrus aroma. Grapefruit adds a crisp, energizing, and slightly tart note to the top, complementing the bergamot and water notes.


VIOLET LEAF: Known for its green, slightly metallic, and fresh aroma. Violet leaf adds a crisp, leafy, and slightly earthy nuance to the heart, enhancing the fragrance's natural and fresh character.

SWEET JASMINE: Provides a rich, sweet, and heady floral scent. Jasmine adds a touch of elegance, warmth, and a slightly exotic floral depth to the heart notes.

PATCHOULI: Offers a deep, earthy, woody, and slightly sweet aroma. Patchouli adds richness, complexity, and a grounding quality, balancing the sweetness of jasmine with its earthy tones.


SWEET FLORAL: Encompasses various sweet floral notes that add a lingering, delicate, and romantic aroma to the base. This blend provides a soft and elegant floral finish.

MUSKY: Adds a soft, sensual, and slightly powdery aroma. Musk enhances the warmth, depth, and longevity of the fragrance, creating a smooth and comforting base

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